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How to Bid at Auction

By Lachelle Ferguson

Buying a property is a huge commitment and nothing tests the nerves more than bidding at an auction.

One in two Australians report experiencing anxiety ahead of attending an auction and 48% of people said they’d lost sleep over it, recent research suggests.

Worryingly the St George Bank research also found a lot of us are ill-prepared to buy properties at auction, with 62.1% of buyers saying they do not have a bidding strategy when attending a home auction.

So what do you do if you want to secure that dream property at auction? There are three chief ways you can do it:

  • Engage a professional buyer’s agent, to whom you pay a fee.
  • Ask a friend or family member to bid on your behalf.
  • Bid for yourself (if you’ve got the nerve)

    Advantages of using a buyer’s agent:

    • No chance of emotional ‘must have at all costs’ bidding;
    • No risk of paying beyond your pre-auction agreed maximum bid;
    • A professional who can read the crowd, knows bidding strategies and bids with confidence;

    Disadvantages of using a buyer’s agent may include:

    • Feeling detached from the purchase;
    • Engaging a buyer’s agent can add extra cost to your budget.

         Pros of DIY bidding include: 

  • Can save lots of money;
  • Puts you in the box seat to watch rival bidders;
  • Can quickly respond with counter bid/change strategy.

         Cons of going it alone include:

  • Not suitable if you don’t like crowds;
  • Attending spouse/young children can distract/pressure;
  • More likely to bid too high the heat of an auction

        Perks of asking someone else to bid for you include: 

  • No emotional connection with the property so unlikely to bid higher than agreed;
  • Trusted and expects little in return;
  • Can help hold you to your limit, reducing temptation to bid beyond your means.

       Pitfalls of friends and family members doing your bidding:

  • May feel they’ve let you down if they don’t win;
  • If things go bad it could put relationship at risk;
  • It is a big responsibility and they too may get nervous, so choose your proxy wisely.

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